The »Busenbender Dental Studio« success story


Viernheim & Radolfzell, Germany

Laboratory size
Number of employees: 23
2 locations

Implant prosthetics
Digital dentistry
Advanced training for dental clinicians

STEPPS services include
Strategy consulting
Corporate design
Business equipment
Laboratory garments
Image brochure
Shipping boxes
B2B communication
Advanced training invitation strategy
Event planning
Event program
Customer loyalty measures
Book production

Laboratory marketing itself is already enough of a challenge these days. Laboratory business is in a state of change. Digital technologies have opened up new options for the laboratory - proprietary, practice-internal 3D planning and manufacturing by the practice laboratory or industrial milling centers have an impact on "established laboratory relations." And the generational change in practice or laboratory is more frequently becoming the "predetermined breaking point" for a relationship. Customer loyalty, quality and service are valuable and important - but no longer a guarantee of success! How can we build long-term stable and cooperative customer relations today that also prove to be viable during these processes of change? This is the all important question.

Busenbender Dental Studio was a laboratory start-up. Ralf Busenbender founded the laboratory in 2004 with Master Dental Technician, Peggy Helfferich, as laboratory director, with 6 employees, a consistent concept, advertising agency and no compromises: customer-focus with high standards of quality, specializing in implant dentistry, having an open mind for digital technologies, high-quality advanced training and referrer events in on-site training facilities. "Partnership at eye level" instead of "Service on demand." The concept worked. The partnership created trust. In 2006, Ralf Busenbender took a chance outside of his own laboratory premises - and organized the first DENTAL EXPERT MEETING in Mallorca. He had the courage to think outside the box of dentistry with customers and prospective customers with first-class topics and top speakers from practice: celebrity chef, Tim Mälzer, cosmetic surgeon, Prof. Werner Mang, soccer legend, Reiner Calmund and best-selling author, Wladimir Kaminer, quickly made Mallorca the secret weapon against the increasing fatigue to advanced training. Customer loyalty and new customer acquisition with a view of the sea!

This is why STEPPS!
Almost at the same time as the founding of Busenbender Dental Studios, DENTSPLY Implants began to develop STEPPS with a focus on practice and patient communication. Only individual measures, such as implant communication for patients, were included in Busenbender's strategy. With the development of the "STEPPS laboratory marketing" field starting in 2012, people began talking about STEPPS again.
After a consultation with a STEPPS expert, it was clear: "Everything is good. We do everything different!"
Why change something when customer relations are good and the order books are full? The answer is simple, and the problem is similar in many cases: the laboratory's communication materials in no way reflects its special nature. Neither its website, nor communication documents, neither its vehicles nor shipping boxes represent the uniqueness of the laboratory. The first impression created by these materials is weak or even wrong. No special interest is awakened in the viewer (possibly a new customer!) of these materials - even more, no curiosity, fascination, pleasure or anticipation. The development of an image brochure by STEPPS was the first step to change that. And since then everything went quickly step by step.

Customer feedback
»My feedback? The feedback of my customers is much more important to me! And that is really good! A long-time customer has responded to me about the image brochure: "Brilliant. Something like that can only come from your laboratory. Exactly like you!"
My best experience: An interested new customer wanted to make an initial appointment. I did not have any time and sent the brochure in advance. I received the following call a few days later: "Mr. Busenbender - You do not need to come any longer. You are the right laboratory for me!"
I had a good advertising agency for many years - but only now do I sense everything that is possible when a creative communications partner speaks the language of dental professionals. The effect on customers and employees is outstanding. The next STEPPS are already being planned.«