The »mare Z« success story

Mare Z
Mare Z
Mare Z
Mare Z
Mare Z

Buxtehude & Seevetal, Germany
Practice size
Number of employees: 2 dentists and 10 assistants
120 square meter
Prophylaxis, Periodontology, Implantology
STEPPS services include
Corporate Design
Patient communication
Photo shooting
Challenge number one
In 2007 Dr Martin Christiansen founded a 120 square meter practice in the center of Buxtehude. Well-known industrial companies such as Airbus lead to household income, which is slightly higher than the national average. This is also reflected in the patients of the practice. They can afford high-quality supplies, but at the same time have high expectations of the practice’s services.
Firstly there was the question of choosing a name. The new name should remain current for a long time and reflect long-term developments in dentistry. Also, it should stand out from the other dental practice names and express the dental practice owners' individual, personal touch – the love of water. It was also important that it is short and easily memorable for the patients.
When it came to deciding on the localization of dentistry, two aspects were clear: the work of the dentist with the patient is defined by manual work on the one hand, although industrially produced materials are increasingly used, e.g. dentures, on the other. So dentistry unifies manual, as well as industrial aspects. Just like in handcraft manufacture, which embodies the synthesis of manual trades and industrialization.
These considerations were combined with the conviction that regeneration will remain a core goal in dentistry in the long term. So the name “Manufaktur für regenerative Zahnmedizin” (Handcraft manufacture for regenerative dentistry) was born. To make it more memorable and at the same time to emphasize the two owners' love of water, this became “mare Z”.

Building upon this name, the corporate design and various practice marketing measures were created as part of the STEPPS program.

Dr Christiansen used many of the program's ready-designed, prepared elements, which, with little effort, he very simply individualized for his dental practice.
Business cards, medical history sheet, appointment block, recall cards, professional teeth cleaning bonus card, therapy flyers, gift voucher cards, lip balm sticks, cool pads etc. are used on a daily basis and are regularly reordered.

Quote from Dr Christiansen
»I was particularly impressed with the photo shooting session from the STEPPS photographer. After having had several other professional photographers in the practice whose pictures I couldn't use, I was happy to at last have found a photographer who knew exactly what matters for a dental practice. Which messages the pictures should convey and which motifs matter. 

I also find the prepared therapy flyer excellent. The texts explain the various therapies in a language the patients understand and illustrate the treatment in pictures without blood suitable for patients. It is noticeable that they have been developed by marketing specialists with dental expertise. And all that is prepared in my corporate design.«

Dr Christiansen put his own creativity to the test, e.g. with the unusual use of the cool pads. For example, he donated a large number of cool packs to local schools that store them in the medical room and hand them out to the school children to cool minor wounds. They take the cool pads with the mare Z logo home with them where they are used from time to time. So the whole family stays aware of the dental practice.
Sponsoring, especially for young people is a common theme running through all of the dental practice's activities – communicating credibility and conveying the message: “we want you to be well”. Examples of this include gum shields for the handball team (national league) or swim shorts for the swimming club.
Over the course of time, the dental practice has succeeded in becoming a known regional brand and thanks to various practice marketing measures (ads, flyers, PR, cooperation with cardiologists and diabetologists) has increased its revenue in the key areas of prophylaxis, implantology and periodontology.

In setting up the new dental practice in Buxtehude, Dr Christiansen has concentrated from the outset on support from professional practice marketing and his success has proven him right. For this reason, he subsequently transferred the marketing concept, incl. the name “mare Z”, to the first dental practice which he joined as a partner back in 1997.
Even though Seevetal is a small town with just 6,000 inhabitants, as a result of its very good traffic connections and the location in the affluent suburbs of Hamburg, the catchment area – but also the competition – is more extensive.
Before 2006, the necessary business stationary was printed out in the dental practice itself using a dot-matrix printer and the homepage was homemade. A dental practice presence that neither reflected his own standards nor the actual potential of the dental practice.
In 2006 the first tentative steps were taken towards professionalization in the field of practice marketing and with the help of a few, individual STEPPS measures and a logo from the STEPPS logo shop. However, this could hardly be described as a joined-up concept and this is how the presence stayed until 2010.

Quote from Dr Christiansen
»After my very good experience with the newly founded dental practice in Buxtehude, I transferred the entire marketing concept to the dental practice in Seevetal in 2010. Since then this dental practice is also operated under the mare Z name. I decided to take this step, as I wanted to carry over the success from Buxtehude to the dental practice in Seevetal. This even worked out even better than expected: In 2011 I already had 24% more turnover than the previous year and in 2012 another 16% more than in 2011. My investments in practice marketing have more than paid off!

The practice marketing measures for 2014 are also in place already. I want to continue improving internal communication. The management of the online evaluation platforms is something I will focus on and, based on a patient analysis, I will address those persons who may fit my patient profile, but are not yet patients of mine. I'm glad that I can again call on the support of the STEPPS team here.«